Been around the block a time or twoand learned a thing or two…too.

When it comes to animation, Reel FX has pretty much seen it all and done it all. Creativity and inventiveness are our calling cards and we have almost three decades of experience helping the best partners and collaborators bring their characters and stories to life. Projects like these can take years, with highly skilled teams collaborating across countries and companies. Besides hundreds of brilliant people, here’s what makes us different: we have a fire within that drives our passion for animation, and a curiosity to explore and push creative and technical boundaries at every turn. And we like to have a lot of fun! Peek below to see the breadth and depth of our work.

In the Can

In the Vault

Looney Tunes:

Fur of Flying

Looney Tunes:

Daffy’s Rhapsody

Looney Tunes:

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

Disney's The Wild

Animation Intro

Open Season 3

Open Season 2

Kung Fu Panda:

Secrets of the Furious Five

Ice Age:

A Mammoth Christmas Special

The Watchmen:

Tales from the Black Freighter

The Three Wise Men