A World of Talent.One Mindset.

We recruit talent from all over the globe, but what makes a Reel FX’er … well, a Reel FX’er is not just a passion for animation, it's the stubborn insistence on having a blast doing it.

Our Humble History

In the year

The Ole “About Us” Paragraph

Reel FX Animation earned its cred by working with studios like Netflix, Warner Brothers, Fox, Sony, Paramount, Universal and Disney. How we earned our stripes is another story. From barely-there budgets in the early days, a core group of artists and technicians grew a respected animation studio with blood, sweat and tears. (Quite literally sometimes.) Fueled by the inventiveness that can only come from top talent, lovable weirdos and artistic obsessives, REEL FX now boasts a roster of award-winning work, hundreds of employees, sister companies and an international presence. We don’t do it like everyone else, and we like it that way.
"During the 3 years I've worked here, I've developed strong friendships and a sense of family. I feel like the initiatives I take are welcomed and my management style is valued. I am proud of winning the first Pitchfest and the support I received from Reel FX!"
- Karine Ntihinyuka, Production Coordinator
“The true measure of a vibrant culture is one that isn't manufactured as a company edict, but instead bubbles up from curiosity, chemistry and raw creativity. It was as true 25 years ago – when I was one of five – as it is today as one of 500. The incredibly talented and passionate people I collaborate with daily, leave me in awe and wanting more.”
- Chuck Peil, EVP Strategic Partnerships


Animation. We do a lot of animation: Films, episodic television, theme park rides, emerging tech platforms, games … you get the point. Studios may have an idea for us, and sometimes we have our own. Either way, we begin with the end in mind and find the best solution possible to bring it to life. We just built a custom pipeline in Unreal Engine for a TV series – the first of its kind. Our moms are so proud.

The studio is always abuzz with new work – much of which we can’t talk about just yet. Follow us on our social accounts to get the latest and greatest news.

“Originals” are ideas for content that we give birth to and/or develop internally here at Reel FX. Look for the “A Reel FX Invention” logo in the credits of shows like Super Giant Robot Brothers! Please visit our Originals page to see a few of our favs.

You must be talking about Flight School, ATKPLN, and Lodge 26. Reel FX makes episodic and feature-length animation, but has a family of companies that help to round out what we can accomplish. Flight School creates innovative, groundbreaking projects and products through emerging technology, alternate reality and experiences you have to feel to believe. ATKPLN is an animated design studio where character comes first. They specialize in short form, turnkey productions and film marketing. Lodge 26 has you covered if you’re looking to apply the slick theatrics of a feature film to a brand’s visual language.